Berati tour



This 2,417 years-old city, the pride of Albanian architecture which is under the protection of UNESCO, is located 120 km from Tirana. The city forms a wonderful combination of eastern and western cultures, costumes, traditions and outlook. Berat is a treasure-trove of Albanian history, culture and a testament to the country’s tradition of religious harmony.   The city’s life began in the VI – V century B.C. as an Illyrian settlement. Later, in the III century B.C., it was turned into a castle city known as Antipatrea. The castle expanded east wards, particularly during the feudal dominion of the feudalMuzakaj family. Inside the castle, they built churches with precious frescos and icons and also a calligraphy school of calligraphy. Today, the castle is made unique by the fact that people continue to live inside of it.The three major neighborhoods of the old city are Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala, where the castle itself is located. In Mangalemi, below the castle, you can see the famous view of the facades of the houses, with windows that seem to stand above each other.  With its houses built along the steep hill, the view of Mangalemi is the reason that another name for Berati is “City of the Floating Windows.”   ​ Across the Osumi River lies the Gorica neighborhood, whose houses face those of Mangalemi. The arched bridge of Gorica, built in 1780, is a beautiful architectural monument constructed to link Gorica with Mangelemi. 


  • Visit the castle of Berat
  • Visit the ONUFRI museum-located inside the castle
  • Visit Gorica and Mangalemi ottoman neighborhoods
  • Walk the pedestrian street of the city​
  • Visit the city center



  • 50 Euros per persons for minimum 4 participants 
  • 55 Euros per person for minimum 3 participant
  • 65 Euros per persons for minimum 2 participants 
  • 110 Euros for 1 participant


  •  Departure: 9 Am
  •  Duration: 7-8 hours
  • Included: hotel pick up/drop off, transportation, transportation fees, guide and City tour of  Berat.
  • Not  included: Entrance tickets to museum (optional), lunch
  • Language: English
  • Reservation: Yes